Visiting ‘Help’ Village in Sri Lanka

Sándor Szenczy, the president of Hungarian Baptist Aid and Dr. Béla Szilágyi, the director-general of the organization visited the ‘Help’ Village built a couple of years ago in Sri Lanka after the disaster of the tsunami of 2004.

Two EU Grants Coming Soon

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) is planning to provide educational programs that align with the EU Millenial Development Plans (MDG) and other global issues with European museums through the framework of the˝”Museo Mundial” grant.

’Don’t throw it away!’ – European Youth with Environmental Awareness

Child and Youth Education and Development Center of Hungarian Baptist Aid organized an international youth program at the end of June 2012. 5 nations (French, Romanian, Polish, Italian and Hungarian) met and worked together with the support of Youth in Action (Fiatalok Lendületben Program). They stayed at the International Youth Camp and Center in Égervölgye (Égervölgye Nemzetközi Ifjúsági Tábor és Központ) which is situated next to the Aggtelek National Park (Aggteleki Nemzeti Park).

Presentation in Tamási

Hungarian Baptist Aid set out on a country-wide instructional tour to draw the attention of Hungarian secondary school students to the dangers of human trafficking.

Moderate Earthquake in Haiti

A 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit southern Haiti last Wednesday. The epicenter was in the southern region of the country, close to the capital, Port-au-Prince. There was no serious damage, but because of the memory of 2010 earthquake, people fled to the streets frightened.

Human Trafficking: What is Modern Slavery?

"It tells the story of those persons, who have been living in slavery even now. They don't build pyramids or galley-slaves on ships, but live on the streets, in houses, or sweat in factories. This book is about these modern day slaves; about power, delusion, deceit, hope, and laws. This thought-provoking topic hits close to home. Our new publication is about human trafficking of secondary-school aged young people. 5000 copies of the book was published and will be delivered to the most endangered and concerned regions of Hungary in the following weeks. Besides the book, a film is about to be finished, dealing with human trafficking. In it will include all elements of our EU-funded anti-trafficking campaign “Raising the awareness in Hungary, Sweden, Italy and Germany about this problem called human trafficking”.

'HELP Village' in Sri Lanka

Sándor Szenczy and other HBAid workers visited the HELP village in Sri Lanka today.

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