Child Sponsorship


‘Support a Child’ Program

Since 2001, Hungarian Baptist Aid has helped more than four thousand children from 16 countries around the world, which would not have been possible without the generous donations received from individuals and corporations. When somebody decides to sponsor a child, the circumstance of that child will improve as the institution that takes care of him/her develops. ‘Support a Child’ Program gives children a chance to survive and start a more meaningful life in countries where warm food, schooling and a home are guaranteed for only a few, who are privileged.

For the cost of ten scoops of ice cream (three thousand Hungarian forint), anybody can take care of a child for whom this small price might be the key to have a better chance in life. The donors of ‘Support a Child’ Program receive a specific child’s profile with his/her picture, name and some information. They can support a child for at least a year. They might not meet each other in person, but the donors will still affect the child’s life by their generosity.



Countries where ‘Support a Child’ operates:



In January 2010, an earthquake devastated the Caribbean island. The catastrophe caused the death of nearly two hundred thousand people, and the same number of people lost their homes. Two years later, a 1500 sq. m. (about 16 thousand sq. ft.) children’s centre was inaugurated in the capital of Haiti. The complex, which is called ‘Source of Light Center’, was built by local workers under the direction of Hungarian Baptist Aid and in cooperation with Baptist World Alliance. One of the wings of this three-storey building provides a home for 50 orphans. The complex also includes a school and a kindergarten which the orphans attend. The Center owns a water purification system and a packaging manufactory, which contributes to the operation of the institution. It also runs a program for handicapped children. 


The Philippines

Since Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, several hundred children living in the region of Visayas are being helped by HBAid in cooperation with local partners.


Sri Lanka

The 2004 tsunami-orphans have grown up now, but the work of HBAid in Sri Lanka was not terminated. The ‘Help Village’, that was established by HBAid, is now working as a community center and there are almost 400 students and kindergarteners who receive training in English, Maths, sewing, computer skills and karate.



HBAid and its partners are helping the Othniel Elementary and Secondary School and the ‘La Profidence’ Orphanage in the capital of Congo, Kinshasa. The donors contribute to provide the orphans with appropriate living conditions and food. The donations are also used to support the schooling of African students as elementary and secondary level education is not free in Congo.


Transcarpathian region

HBAid supports talented and disadvantaged Hungarian students living in Szürte and Mezőgecse. Thanks to the donors, 140 Hungarian students can study in better conditions and 45 kindergarteners’ meals are provided; as in Mezőgecse, the cost of meals for kindergarteners is also covered by the support.


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