Baptist Help in North Carolina

Lumber (USA) – As the professional workers of Rescue24 international rescue team arrived to a training at a camp in North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew caused a killer flooding in Lumber County. The special team, with 27 members from Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, the USA and Hungary, immediately joined the rescue work after receiving the request of the local disaster management.

The Baptist Rescue Team is ready to Help

Haiti – Hungarian Baptist Aid’s international search and rescue team, called Rescue24 and the medical staff is ready to help in the territories destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

EU AID VOLUNTEERS: Vacancies available online

#EUAIDVOLUNTEERS: First vacancies available online: you can apply until October the 2nd

For Women and Children

Thessaloniki – The volunteer workers of Hungarian Baptist Aid visited Refugee Camps in Greece to bring donation and look for cooperation. The camp in Thessaloniki is called ‘Softex’ and provides home for 1200 to 1500 refugees. The other one in Diavata was establised in 2016 February and has the capacity of providing shelter for 2500 people.

With American Doctors and Nurses in Transcarpathia

Uzhhorod (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) – From July 28th to August 3rd, Hungarian Baptist Aid’s team (HBAid) worked at a poor settlement in Transcarpathia. The Hungarian workers of the aid organization accompanied American medical experts to the neighboring country, where they helped their work among the needy.

International Program: Second Round

Bologna – Hungarian Baptist Aid, with its partners, is participating in a realization of a program that gives technical assistance for European NGOs and CSOs that would send volunteers in third world countries.

Eu Aid Volunteers Programme

Under the framework of 'EU Aid Spreading: Maximize the capacity of the hosting organizations to be involved in and prepared to the Eu Aid Volunteers Programme' in which Hungarian Baptist Aid is involved as implementing partner- our colleague is representing HBAid on EUAV ( Eu Aid Volunteers) Training of Trainers in Bologna, Italy.

Inspection of Migrant Transit Zones at the Serbian border

Subotica, Serbia – Workers of Hungarian Baptist Aid inspected the situation of the transit zones of the Southern borders of Hungary.

HBAid with American Doctors and Dentists in Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia - From May 19th to 25th, the team of HBAid worked in a Transcarpathian settlement in Ukraine, near the Hungarian border. The social workers visited the neighboring country with experts from the medical field and helped the needy for a week.

Hungarians at World Humanitarian Summit

Dr. Béla Szilágyi, Vice President of Hungarian Baptist Aid and David Gál Director of International Programs with Stephen O'Brien, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator at the first UN World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

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