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EU Aid Volunteers (European international volunteer programme for humanitarian missions abroad) is an initiative by the European Commission’s department for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and is managed by the EU Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA). It offers EU citizens aged 18 or over, as well as those resident in Europe for a lengthy period, the opportunity to be involved in paid foreign voluntary work in humanitarian aid projects worldwide.

Technical Assistance in Italy

Catania, Rome – Under EU Aid Volunteers initiative, Zsuzsanna BACZKÓ Hungarian Baptist Aid's program coordinator visited Italian organisations to provide technical assistance.

EU Aid Volunteers: new opportunities for organisations in 2017

EU Aid Volunteers brings together volunteers and organisations to provide practical support to humanitarian aid projects and contribute to strengthening the local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities. As an organisation working with volunteers to support local communities in responding to disaster, EU Aid Volunteers can help in your work.

How can your organisation get involved in EU Aid Volunteers?

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EU Aid Volunteers: Volunteering Opportunities for European Citizens from Alianza por la Solidaridad

Alianza por la Solidaridad Along with its partners GVC, La Guilde and Action Aid Hellas, launches the project “European citizens active in response to humanitarian challenges – VOL4AID”within the EU Aid Volunteers initiative. Its objective is to complement ongoing humanitarian relief operations, with the support of volunteers to be deployed in 2017 and on-line volunteers to be incorporated in 2018, which will strengthen the work and capacities of local organisations in third countries.

Conference about a European Humanitarian Program

Budapest – On March 24th, Zsuzsanna Baczkó program coordinator of Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) gave a lecture at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Economic Relations, about a technical assistance and capacity building program. The event was part of a European humanitarian project.

Technical Assitance Visit to Support Volunteer Sending Organizations

Hungarian Baptist Aid’s international worker, Zsuzsanna Baczkó visited ’Asociatia Act Integration’ in South Western Romania as part of an EUAV project. The technical assitance visit supports organizations that want to achieve the EU Aid Volunteers certification by providing a detailed development plan as a guidance of preparation and checking critical documentations.

A mobile application to prevent human trafficking

Mobile application SAFE was created as a preventive tool of trafficking in human beings mainly for the youth, the general public and the professionals in area of prevention. Besides true stories (with changed names) the mobile application consists of important information about safe travel, work abroad and useful contacts in case of emergency. The mobile application is designated for non-commercial use only and in the area of prevention and education.

Enhancing civil society’s management, fundraising and communication in Ukraine

The main objective of the project is to strenghten local NGO capacities in essential topics highly relevant for civil society development in Ukraine, transfer V4 experiences and strenghten the cooperation among NGOs from V4 countries and Ukraine. In the light of armed conflict in the East Ukraine and political shifts the specific objective of the project is to enhance the basic skills of civil society (including NGO management and field staff) including those dealing with the humanitarian situation.

International Conference On Volunteering

Brussels – Hungarian Baptist Aid continues its programs within the framework of EU Aid Volunteers initiative. One of its stages was the conference in Brussels in the beginning of February 2017, where Dávid GÁL, International Director of HBAid, participated and discussed the actual questions and opportunities for further charitable actions with more than a hundred humanitarian experts from all over the world.

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