Technical Assitance Visit to Support Volunteer Sending Organizations

Hungarian Baptist Aid’s international worker, Zsuzsanna Baczkó visited ’Asociatia Act Integration’ in South Western Romania as part of an EUAV project. The technical assitance visit supports organizations that want to achieve the EU Aid Volunteers certification by providing a detailed development plan as a guidance of preparation and checking critical documentations.

A mobile application to prevent human trafficking

Mobile application SAFE was created as a preventive tool of trafficking in human beings mainly for the youth, the general public and the professionals in area of prevention. Besides true stories (with changed names) the mobile application consists of important information about safe travel, work abroad and useful contacts in case of emergency. The mobile application is designated for non-commercial use only and in the area of prevention and education.

Enhancing civil society’s management, fundraising and communication in Ukraine

The main objective of the project is to strenghten local NGO capacities in essential topics highly relevant for civil society development in Ukraine, transfer V4 experiences and strenghten the cooperation among NGOs from V4 countries and Ukraine. In the light of armed conflict in the East Ukraine and political shifts the specific objective of the project is to enhance the basic skills of civil society (including NGO management and field staff) including those dealing with the humanitarian situation.

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